History Of The Chiefs

Set out below is a table outlining the history of the chiefs, from Mathghamhain in 1225 to the present day chief Sir Fergus Matheson, spanning no less than 786 years. If you are an existing member of the Society and you wish to delve deeper into the extended genealogy of the Chiefs, you can download our 3-part PDF document, which has been meticulously prepared by Mr John Faid, our Clan Genealogist. For further details please click here.


I Mathghamhain Flourished 1225
II Kenneth Died 1304
III Murdoch Flourished 1300s
IV Duncan Flourished 1300s
V Murdoch Flourished 1300s
VI Duncan Flourished 1300s
VII Murdoch Flourished circa 1400
VIII Alasdair Died 1438 Killed - Battle of Cnoc Nan Catach
IX Iain Dubh the elder Died 1490s
X Alasdair MacRuaidhri Died 1506
XI Iain Dubh the younger Died 1539 Chamberlain - Eilean Donan Castle
XII Dugald Roy Flourished 1540s
XIII Murdoch Buidhe Flourished 1530-70s
XIV Roderick (1st of Fernaig) Died before 1600
XV Iain (2nd of Fernaig ) Flourished 1600s AKA Iain McRuari Mhic Mhathoin
XVI Iain Og                         Flourished 1660s


XVII Iain Mor Died 1715  
XVIII Alexander (1st of Bennetsfield) Held post as chief 1715  
XIX John (2nd of Bennetsfield) 1754 - 1768           Present at Battle of Culloden - 1746
XX Colin (3rd of Bennetsfield) 1763 - 1825  
XXI John (4th of Bennetsfield) 1825 - 1843  
XXII James Brook Young (5th of Bennetsfield) 1843 - 1886  
XXIII Eric Grant (6th of Bennetsfield) 1886 - 1899  
XXIV Heylin Fraser (7th of Bennetsfield)  1899 - 1945  
XXV Bertram Heylin (9th of Bennetsfield) 1945 - 1975  


XXVI Torquhil Alexander                      1975 - 1993  
XXVII Fergus John 1993 - Present day