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Welcome to the Clan Matheson Society. Here you can catch up on all the latest news from the Chief, learn about the history of the Matheson Clan and delve into its genealogy. You can apply to join the Society, by either completing an online application form, or by posting a hard copy to the relevant address. Once your membership has been accepted you will be able to make contact with other people who share the same Highland heritage as yourself, attend both national and international events and gatherings, receive a copy of our Newsletter and be entitled access to our members only online PDF documents. Please take this opportunity to look around our website, and discover some of it's many features.

Our Objectives

There are branches of the Clan Matheson Society in many countries, linking Clan members through their own social events, newsletters and websites. In addition, the International Clan Society is dedicated to bringing together Mathesons from across the world and to discovering more about the Clan's origins. The Society's genealogy team is actively compiling full records of the various branches and surnames in the extended Clan family, and the Clan has its own DNA project which is using established scientific methods to trace the Clan back to its earliest roots.

From Strength To Strength

We know that the first Mathesons arrived in Scotland many hundreds of years ago. They established their stronghold in Lochalsh, Wester Ross at the head of Loch Achaidh na h-Inich, and soon became one of the strongest clans in the Scottish Highlands. The remains of the fort can still be seen. Today the Clan is spread all over the globe and includes people whose family name is Matheson, Mathieson, Mathison and various possible derivatives (see the "Join The Clan Society" page for details). Our international gatherings have helped bring together branch members from a number of different countries, which have proved to be very popular, and the number of members within the UK Branch, and those overseas are steadily growing, which is a testament to all the hard work put in.  Let's continue to build on our success.

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